It is very true that concerns for our health are tied to the nutrition we consume, which have everything to do with our choice of meals. Over the years we have come to fear many foods that have been generally associated with poor health. But in some cases, not all the foods we avoid are bad for us! Remember, it’s all about moderation. With that in mind, let’s look at some of those avoided foods that are surprisingly good for your health.

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Peanut butter 

When peanut butter lands on the dining table, a good number of us would run away. This is because it is popularly held that peanut butter is excessively high in calories and unhealthy fats, which are considered to be bad for us. However, unless you have an allergy to peanut butter, this is not at all true! Peanuts help lower your chances of getting coronary heart disease. This is because peanuts cut down your cholesterol level, as well as dropping the amount of triglycerides in your body. Cholesterol and triglycerides are largely involved in inciting cardiovascular disease.

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For many, avocado is a typical no-no. Such disenchantment with avocado can be traced to the general thought that it is full of fat. Surprisingly, the very fats we are scared of in avocado are actually monounsaturated fat, which is very helpful to our hearts. Avocado also combines a good deal of antioxidants. Most impressive among these antioxidants are vitamin E and lutein, both of which are organic warriors renowned for fighting diseases. Avocados also contain phytochemicals, which help your body absorb toxins that may be present in your other meals. Phytochemicals are also very effective in helping your body up its immune system.


Those of us who try to get the best nutriental intake from our meals find it hard to make room for mushrooms. The assumption that mushrooms are poor in nutrient composition has been largely accepted by many of us. We think mushrooms are nothing but loads of water. While it is true that a hefty percentage (90% precisely) of mushrooms is water, don’t be in a hurry to dismiss their health aspects.

Besides that fact that a single cup of mushrooms comprises a mere 18 calories, they also contain healthy compounds, including potassium, which boost up your immune system, and even fight prostate cancer. Potassium is also helpful in lowering your blood pressure. In fact, would you believe that four white button mushrooms have a higher potassium composition than one orange?


People typically avoid eggs because they believe that they contain high amounts of cholesterol. But did you know that recent research shows that saturated fat – and not cholesterol in your diet – is the main culprit to poor heart health. A study in 2013 demonstrated that high-protein eggs better control participants’ appetite than high-carbohydrate breakfast drinks. Besides all the protein they contain, egg yolks are also full of vitamin D, selenium, phosphorus, choline and riboflavin.


Most of us believe that pasta has a high glycemic index, which is why we’ve come to avoid it. But there’s some great news for those us who enjoy pasta as a cherished comfort food. If you choose pasta that is made from white durum wheat, you will find that it has a glycemic index of 45-50, which is considered low. What this means is that by consuming pasta made from white durum wheat, your blood sugar won’t spike and will help you feel fuller for longer. Of course, remember that it is also all about moderation. If you keep your portion of pasta to no more than one cup (cooked) you’ll remain in that area of moderation. If this seems like too small of a portion to really bother with, try preparing your pasta with veggies, protein (chicken, seafood or tempeh, for example). Also, a tomato-based sauce is a better choice than a cream-based one.

These are just a few of the foods that we have heard, or believe, are unhealthy for us. But as you can see, in moderation, these foods can not only be enjoyed more consistently, but comprise healthy options that we can all enjoy to the fullest!

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