Bring butter to the dining table and you get people scampering away for their metabolic safety. The truth remains that public opinion about butter has been extensively pelted with fear and misconceptions.

The common perspective is that when butter comes, weight gain isn’t far behind and the heart disease that accompanies it. The scientific reality, however, begs to differ.

A large-scale research conducted across 18 separate nations involving over 600,000 people surprisingly found no candid relationship between heart diseases and saturated fats. That is to say, saturated fats like organic butter is not necessarily a culprit in the common heart diseases for which it has been indicted. This brings us to the calmer awareness that butter ,when consumed in moderation, isn’t detrimental to our health.

With increasing scientific tests that are being carried on saturated fats, the findings have been in support of the immense health benefits of such foods containing natural saturated fats.

Butter, for example, contains dietary cholesterol. This is a vital antioxidant that largely helps in controlling unhealthy inflammations in the body. More essentially, butter is judiciously composited of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, K2, selenium, and iodine. Your body needs all these for its efficient functionality.

So now that we have fairly established the dietary compatibility of butter, how can we healthily yet deliciously integrate it into our meals?

You can add your butter to your coffee in the morning

Um, what? Yeah, you heard correctly. Butter combines well with coffee. While taking your organic coffee, you can rightly bring in some grass-fed butter to spice things up, preferably grass-fed butter that is unsalted. Such an audacious combo will sufficiently keep you covered pertaining to your energy needs for the day. Moreover, the presence of the grass-fed butter in your coffee can help keep you satisfied, clogging a nagging appetite. Watch the above video for more info!

Butter also pairs brilliantly with your oatmeal, remember?

Breakfast can be more fulfilling when butter gets into your oatmeal. Organic oats better go well for this mission. When the fiber in the oat unites with the butter, you will be fuller for a longer time, helping you with the productivity. The fact that a concoction of oatmeal and butter comes free of gluten makes the oatmeal-butter matrimony more romantic.

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Butter + organic fresh veggies = tasty!

Hello vegetarians!  This is the meal to go for. Butter liberates a juicy amount of nutrients encased in your normal vegetables, making such nutrients actively available to work their magic on your system. Why is this? A good amount of the minerals, as well as the vitamins domiciled in our vegetables, are fat-soluble. Therefore, in the situation where you consume such vegetables without the enabling presence of fats, your body may not adequately unlock such nutrients for good optimal use.

So there we are! Are you still as scared of butter as you use to be?

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