Oregon’s special ballot measure, Measure 101, comes with a vehement amount of controversy attached to it. Medicaid funding on its own is highly convoluted. The Oregon governor, Kate Brown, and her legislative accomplices will have to politic hard to get it passed. Now the essential onus of the problem here centers around Medicaid.

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What is Measure 101?

Measure 101 is a fee on hospitals and insurance companies that funds Medicaid, which provides healthcare coverage to 1 in 4 Oregonians. The money from 101:

  • Ensures every child in Oregon has access to healthcare
  • Protects healthcare for working families, seniors and people with disabilities
  • Stabilizes healthcare costs and insurance premiums for people who buy their own insurance

How does Measure 101 work?

Measure 101 provides direct funding for Medicaid in Oregon and also leverages essential federal healthcare dollars. Without Measure 101, Oregon will lose up to $5 billion in federal funds and hundreds of thousands of Oregonians could lose their healthcare coverage.

If the Measure 101 is rejected, the amelioration of the pains of Oregonian tax payers falls back to the governor and the Oregonian legislature in general. Should this happen, they will need to figure out how to bring a replacement to the mentioned part of this funding package.

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Such replacement is essential to sustain the obligatory benefits Medicaid to the Oregonians under its umbrella. However, stamping a vehement ‘no’ to Measure 101 has the potency of benefiting Oregonians in the long run. After all, it was not really impressive the way the government anticipated the expiration of the Gov. John Kitzhaber’s five-year health care legacy. Such anticipations were largely bereft of preparations for the reality of 2017 by the governor and the Legislature. It was clear since 2014 that the state needed to take more responsibility for the maintaining the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion which began this year.

All in all, healthcare is a more and more complicated issue. Measure 101 is a natural result of skyrocketing costs precluding access to more and more people. There is a solution somewhere, but what that is is anyone’s guess.

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