Portland is such a lovely place, especially around the Northwest area of town. The scenery and the people combine to produce beautiful memories that create many memorable impressions. However, aside from all these, Northwest Portland stands out for its restaurants famous and their scintillating delicacies that tastefully enchant you into asking for more. We’ve recently found a few establishments that we’d like to share with you, should you be in the mood for a trip to Portland, or simply be in the mood to try something new.

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Bamboo Sushi

Northwest Portland and its sushi are almost inseparable. The affection for this delicacy and the generality of people in Northwest Portland who like their sushi quick and ready is quite apparent. Bamboo sushi is guilty of fanning such love for this Japanese food. With a lovely ambience and a high quality product, if you love sushi, you’ll definitely appreciate this place. You could choose to bring in your horse mackerel or better still you can have your sashimi fried and ready to enjoyed to the fullest. And don’t forget to try the chirashi!

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Ataula is a Spanish and Catalunyan inspired restaurant. The Spanish tortillas, ham, the tomato sauce, you just can’t ask for better. Ataula brings that indigenous feel of a Spanish kitchen to Portland and it is rightly ravishing. Looking for that delicious rossejat or that memorable paella that makes you keep coming back? Then Ataula is the place for you! Be bold enough to order the salt cod fritters, chorizo and maybe even try a delicacy you’ve never had before. The fried potatoes at Ataula mixed with the tomato sauce spiced with cured salmon and flavored with honey are meals a saint would die for.

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Fish Sauce

Many would criminalize the act of leaving Northwest Portland without having some broth at Fish Sauce. Fish Sauce has been around for five years now in Northwest Portland, having been opened since 2012. With the new wave of Vietnamese restaurants beginning to proliferate Northwest Portland, Fish Sauce leads the pack. The broth at Fish Sauce is well sophisticated with filet mignon. The pho paroles are mesmerizing. No guilt if you keep coming back for more. After all, it is just the normal thing to do!

So, if you are out in Northwest Portland and crave something new and delicious, then you should be heading out to one of the above restaurants. Once a mere morsel lands on your tongue at these establishments, you automatically know you have made the right decision in going.

Bon appetite!

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