Ah yes, inspirational stories. Sometimes in life, we are faced with the most unexpected circumstances. Those tough circumstances can easily break anyone’s confidence and force them to give up. But, this is where the real heroes come out with flying colors.

Just like the man in this story that we are going to talk about here. And talk about inspirational stories!

For more than fifteen years, He was told by doctors that he wouldn’t be able to walk unassisted again. And just like any other person would respond to this circumstance, he had a hard time accepting this as a fact. Being a 47 year old veteran, who was disabled while serving as a paratrooper in the Gulf War, he had almost given up!

oregon ilasik

It was the job that took its toll on him. In the first Gulf War, he was a parachuter who had too many jumps. The impact on his legs and back eventually turned into a debilitating problem. After getting relieved from active duty, he started gaining lots of weight. And the fact that he was unable to walk without assistance, meant that he was unable to do anything to stop his condition from getting worse. It was like ‘He had nothing to fight for.’

Searching out yoga as a way to get physical movement and maybe mitigate some of the physical impairments that he faced, he was turned down by most of the yoga instructors. Until one fine day, someone came as a superhero for him. That someone was DDP – Diamond Dallas Page, an actual former professional wrestler who has since turned yoga and fitness instructor for other wrestlers and every day people alike. We know, it sounds rather silly, but when you see the results in the video below, we’re sure you’ll be inspired as well.

Back to the story, the subject, as the story goes, was taken on by DDP who brought along the inspiration that few things are impossible in this world, if you have the will to achieve it. He gave him the ray of hope that he could improve his condition if the will were present. That said, there was a lot of work to do. When DDP met him, he was close to 300 pounds and wearing knee and back braces. Even with these, he could still not walk on his own.

It was not easy, the training. He fell a hundred times, but the good part was he had the will to get up more than the hundred times he fell. Every time his mind told him to give up his heart said – give it just one last try.

After almost six months’ time, he lost close to hundred pounds, and is now able to stand, walk and run on his own! Moral of the story: Just because you are unable to do something today, never give up the belief that you will be able to achieve your goals tomorrow.

So, without further ado, check out the below video and remember to stay inspired!