Life can be complicated, confusing and overwhelming. In fact it could be all three of these things at the same time! And when life throws you lemons in the form of these problems, you don’t have to worry; all you need to do is find a way to make lemonade from the lemons.

Today we are going to talk about one such powerful thing that can help you with making your life happy, no matter how much stress is around you. That one thing is – Yoga. Here are three powerful yoga asanas that will help you to get happier and healthier and make the most of your Summer season:

1. Get rid of the anxiety with the “camel” pose

Anxiety can be the most potent killer of happiness. No matter how happy the start of your day is, anxiety can quietly seep in to spoil the day. Under such a situation, spending a few minutes practicing the “camel” pose to begin the day can help you stay away from the feeling of anxiety. Here’s how you can do it:

camel pose yoga asanas

  • Kneel with your knees; feet should be hip-width apart, with the top of your feet lying flat on the floor.
  • Once you are in this position, you need to keep your pelvis on  your knees, place the pelvis down with the lower belly lifted up.
  • Now bring the hands close to your heart, roll shoulders back to hug the elbows.
  • Curl the chest open, while keeping the hips over knees.
  • Release the arms to grab your heels, and relax your head.
  • Come back up to the kneeling position (slowly), and then perform the pose at least three more times.

2.  Fight insomnia with the “cow and cat” pose

One of the drivers of unhappiness is sleep deprivation. In yesterday’s article, we talked about how a stressful lifestyle can make it very difficult to have get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. This is the reason you need to find something that can help you fight insomnia. That’s exactly what the “cow and cat” pose does. Here is how you can practice it right before beddy-bye:

cow and cat pose

Get on your fours, with hips stacked over the knees and shoulders stacked over the wrists.

  • While keeping the arms straight, breathe in and drop the belly to roll shoulders back. This is the cow pose.
  • Now that you are in the cow position, breathe out by pressing into your palms, rounding your back, and dropping the tailbone. This is the cat pose.
  • Repeat it, breathing in during the cow pose and breathing out when transitioning into the cat position.

3. No more headaches with the “head-to-toe” pose

The last (but not least) name on the list that we have for you is the “head-to-toe” pose. This can be the best solution to fight headaches, no matter what their cause is. Here is how you can do it:

toe pose

  • Get seated with the left leg straight and the right knee bent.
  • Bring the right foot to rest against your upper thigh on the inside, and inhale while extending your spine.
  • Now breathe out and spin the chest over the leg which is straight, while grabbing the outer edge of your left foot.
  • Breathe in and extend the spine again.
  • Breathe out while folding your torso over the straight leg, bend the elbows wide and at the same time relax the base of your neck.
  • Exhale and fold your torso over your straight leg, bending your elbows wide and relaxing the base of your neck.
  • Do the same for the opposite side.

Using these three poses, at different times throughout the day, can help you eliminate stress and worries to quite a great extent from your daily life. Even if you don’t suffer stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation or headaches, the above three yogic poses will give you a fantastic health benefit the will help you feel a whole lot happier, and healthier, so you can enjoy all the great aspects of life with more reckless abandon.

Happy health!

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