Before we move into our list of craft breweries in Oregon that you really should consider visiting at least once, we would like to share a fact about the state that everyone ought to know – Oregon is the second largest producer of hops in the entire country. Another fun fact is that USA Today once name Portland as one of the top 10 beer cities in the world!

This gives a clear idea that the state is definitely a heaven for beer lovers. And this post is dedicated to all those beer lovers who want to try out some of the fantastic places around the state. So, let us take a look at those places which you need to visit when you are in this part of the world –

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

One of the first names that we have on the list if Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Located in Portland, this craft brewery in Oregon is known for its tart brews. The place offers more than 18 rotating taps flowing with brews aged in French Oak, Northwest wine  and Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Not just brews, but the place is also a hot favorite for foodies thanks to the delectable pellets you can get here including soups, salads and sandwiches.

  Deschutes Brewery

The second name on our list is Deschutes Brewery. Located in Bend and with 19 taps and a beer-centric menu the brewery is a hot-favorite amongst people who are looking for a serene hangout with your friends and family members. And when you are here don’t forget to try out the boar meatloaf served with toasted potato bread and garlic mashed potatoes. You also get the luxury of free guided tours and complementary beer samples as well. Visit the place once, and you are going to love it!

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Back up to the urban region of Portland, one of the first breweries you cannot afford to miss out on visiting is Hopworks Urban Brewery. Being the first of its kind eco-brewpub in the city, the brewery focuses on organic brews which are handcrafted especially with local ingredients. In fact, they have a serious commitment to being the best corporate citizen possible, which is clearly outlined in their “Do Good” section of their website. Check it out for good measure! And you also get a special children’s menu in the brewery along with the usual food menu that uses natural organic ingredients. Some of the must try dishes include house-made meat baller, marinara and provolone.

Hair of The Dog

Last, but not the least, on the list that we have here is Hair of the Dog Brewing Company. Bottle-conditioned and barrel-aged are two of special beers that you can get here. One of the must tries for anyone visiting this place is the Cherry Adam from the Wood, which is a beer aged in bourbon with local cherries in Sherry casks. And, you definitely need to try out the mouthwatering cuisines that the place has at offer.

These were just four of the top names you ought to try visiting when out and about in Oregon. We promise that you are not going to regret visiting any of these places.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit these places to see what you can expect to get here.

NOTE: We fully realize that we have not featured any breweries from Eugene. Fear not! We will write a fully separate article of not only what breweries are located in Eugene, but what makes them awesome as well!