In a very competitive society where finding the free time for self-discovery is getting as hard as stopping Donald Trump from tweeting, we have to be extra vigilant to make time for our own advancement. A good number of us don’t even know when we are being judged by our cover because we haven’t really taken the time to study past our outward person into the inner pages of ourselves, knowing the real inner us.

This article is meant to simply remind our readers that self-discovery is every bit as important now than it ever was, and to provide some simple reminders for what we need to do to keep our self-discovery going, despite the external pressures we all face. The first thing to remember is…

There is more to you than can be seen on the outside

We have to understand that as humans we are as multifaceted as an onion and need to diligently peel through many layers to reach our real inside to explore our innate resources. Many of us put forth a professional image of ourselves that does not correspond with our inner state. Remember to always keep in mind that under our professional exteriors are treasures crying to be explored. We often wash our hands with spittle when there is an overflowing river inside of us from which we can readily refresh. We feel we are malnourished of talents when there is a nutritious basket of delicious abilities wasting away inside us that we have failed to reach.

If you can keep the idea that you have an expansive universe within, and want to continue a self-discovery process, the next thing to know is that…

You will have to dig deep into yourself

self discovery

This calls for a personal archeology, digging deep into yourself to excavate your innate resources. You don’t see a diamond and her sibling gems carelessly on the face of the earth; they are rather hidden by nature in the deep cupboards of the earth. So it also is with some of our abilities – we have to dig deep to mine our innate resources. We are easily plated by societal conventions and cultural bias. Thus we need to break past this metallic film obstructing us from our true selves. There is the need to dig deep into our own crust to discover our intellectual mineral resources and precious gems – talents wasting away in the deep remoteness of our person.

Does this ring true for you? Don’t feel bad. You are not alone! The next thing to keep in mind for your continued self-discovery is….

You shouldn’t fear your unknown abilities!

Reaching deep into such rural areas of ourselves to locate these innate resources isn’t easy. Many of us know we have loads of abilities inside us that we have not accessed.  We often fear our hidden abilities as though they are wild demons yearning to be let loose and that could destroy us if we remove the chain. Have no fear! You can indeed unleash your innate abilities and leverage them to maximum success!

If this sounds great to you, keep in mind the one final thing you will have to commit to in your self-discovery process…

You will have to spend time with yourself


Basically, for your inner person to become hospitable to welcoming you into its deep chambers, the outer you and the inner you have to be comfortable with getting better acquainted. This involves spending time with yourself to listen to your deeper thoughts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to banish yourself to an island of introversion. It simply means that sometimes you may have to wear self-will as a headphone, to deafen yourself from what society claims is necessary from you. In other words, you have to sometimes turn off your connection to “social Wi-Fi” to connect to your inner self. This involves simply spending time with yourself with the express intent of self-discovery.

To conclude, to mine your innate resources you need to dig past your doubts. You need to allow yourself to consider your deeper beliefs and programming. Deep down in most of us, we are intellectual grenades waiting to explode with ideas and potential. For this to happen, we need to remember to make time for, and indeed enjoy, the self-discovery process for the magic that it represents. If you can remember to do this, even for a few minutes a day, life will continue to remain inspiring and full of potentials waiting to be discovered.

Bon voyage!