‘There is nothing in this world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.’

– Charles Dickens

Are you in need of some contagiousness of laughter? Then get ready for the first of its kind queer-performance focused multi-day comedy event – the Portland Queer Comedy Festival! Taking place from July 13-16, the festival will be spread across five venues in Portland!

Organized in collaboration with the owner of Funhouse Lounge, Mr. Andy Barrett and popular queer-activist, stand-up comedian and well known face in the acting circuit – Belinda Carroll, the event will will bring more than 40 comics from in and around the city to perform for your laughing pleasure.

RIOT with Portland Queer Comedy

Bringing the best talent to the Portland Queer Comedy Festival

With the Portland Queer Comedy Festival, the organizers promise to showcase not just domestic, but the best talent from the international LGBT stand-up comedy circuit as well. Diverse, just like Portland’s rich culture, the event is going to bring forward names like – Guy Branum, Julie Goldman, Riley Silverman, Jason Stuart, Maggie Maye and Sandra Valls to name a few.

Also, at the event you’ll have the pleasure of listening to the melodic voices of famous celebs like D. Martin Austin, Chris Ettrick, Danielle Radford, Adam Pasi, Jennifer Lanier, Rick Taylor and Andie Iwancio, Derek Sheen and many more!

The comics coming to the event include famous names from the spectrum of the LGBTTIQQ2SA alphabet. But that’s not all because they are bringing along their allies as well. So you are definitely going to have the time of your life! Some of the names worth mentioning here encompass proven Funhouse Lounge formatted shows like The Gateway Show, SMUT and the Comic Strip.

Special guests for the event

There will be some special guests coming to grace the occasion with special shows to make the festival an even bigger hit! The list of these lovely people and their shows include Danielle Grégoire’s Do Tell, Guy Branum’s Gay Bash and The Sober Show.

Last, but not the least, you can enjoy the traditional comedy showcases with two All-Star headliner shows as well!

Special guests for the event

For the betterment of society

The Portland Queer Comedy Festival is organized as a nonprofit event, the proceeds from the festival will be donated to various nonprofit organizations in and around the region.

Timing and location

The four-day long event and the venues will include –

To grab the details of all the happenings and all the details that you’ll need about the festival, you can visit the official website here at –http://portlandqueercomedyfestival.com/.

Brace yourself for belly laughs!

If you are a lover of humanity, and want to have a good laugh, then partaking in the of the Portland Queer Comedy Festival is a great idea. Getting to experience a million laughs, and at the same time contribute something towards the betterment of society? That’s the whole spirit behind Portland’s first Queer Comedy Festival!

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