Do you often feel the urge to procrastinate? Does it happen quite often that you are low on energy after the afternoon meal? Do you think you ought to be more active?

If yes, then we are here with some of the easiest of habits that will bring positive changes in your life in more ways the you could predict. After all, it’s not just about being more productive during your day, but also how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout your day!

So, without further ado, we have some simple suggestions that will bring your better health in low-impact ways.

1. Practiced breathing

There is a difference between breathing and practiced breathing. The first one is a voluntary action that continues to happen in our body. If it stops, our life stops. However, practiced breathing, is a conscious effort to control the way we breathe so that we can make the most of the oxygen that is being inhaled. How does this practiced breathing work? The technique is pretty simple –

  • Inhale deeply through the nose
  • Hold for a moment
  • Exhale through mouth

Not to be confused with meditation, practiced breathing can be done as you engage in your daily activities. It is simply designed to bring more conscious awareness to your breath as you are involved in daily life. For example, as you’re cooking, try it out! It’s also great for when you’re driving or working out.

2. Stretching and gentle exercising

The second important change you could bring to your lifestyle is to start the day with a little stretching or gentle exercising. Exercising induces the production of feel-good hormones like endorphins. The orchestrated interplay of these hormones and body’s physiological processes keeps you going strong throughout the day and stay productive. They also, literally, help you feel great!


3. Meditation and mindfulness

When our mind is at peace, the body follows. Life is full of stress and worry, whether we talk about the constant pressure at work or the challenge of dealing with relationships at home. Meditation is something that can help you alleviate stress and become a more mindful person. To keep your sanity intact amidst the chaos that we all go through in our daily lives, staying calm and composed has become the need of the hour. And, that’s exactly what a few minutes of meditation and practicing mindfulness can bring to your life.

Meditation is most effective when you dedicate yourself to making it a daily practice. All you need to do is find a place to sit for a while. You can close your eyes during your meditation or keep them slightly open while focussing on a single point. Much like practiced breathing, simply breathe in and out in consistent intervals. During your meditation, you mind will definitely wander – a lot! When it does, gently bring your thoughts back to the present moment of your gentle breath (Suggestion: It helps if you can concentrate on the feel of your breath as it enters your nose!). Continue for as long as you feel necessary. If you’re new to meditation, it’s best to start off in smaller time increments and then gradually increase the duration of your sessions.

The great thing is, everyone can find time during the day to simply take a few minutes to do some meditation. Pay attention, though, to the little voice in your head that convinces you that you don’t have time, that social media is calling, that the TV is more interesting etc. Meditation is amazing for your body, mind and soul, so make it a priority!


4. Bring a change in your eating habits

We are what we eat. If you are munching on unhealthy snacks to begin the day, how can you expect your body to not wear out after a few hours of mental and physical labor? This is an obvious, rhetorical question, right? So make sure to prioritize eating more healthily. Incorporate more raw food items like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains in your diet.

So there you have it. The habits mentioned above are pretty easy to incorporate in your life. And the positive changes they will bring are exemplary. Whether you feel that your life needs to be more active or not, incorporating these changes will improve your quality of life, so why not make them a part of you?

Good health!

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