The destructive journey of Alzheimer’s Disease usually starts with memory loss and forgetfulness. Over time, the ailment eventually disrupts speech ability, comprehension battles and even alternating your facial expressions. The good news is that you can not only fight Alzheimer’s Disease reactively you can fight it proactively and reduce the onset of the disease in the first place. Special meals lovingly can be used as a strategy to steer clear of the deadly disease. By eating particular foods, studies have found that you can largely chop down your risk of slipping into Alzheimer’s by 40%. So what are these meals that can help us stay far from the dungeons of Alzheimer’s?

Foods Nutritious in Vitamins E and C

Alzheimer’s is connected to the contamination of the brain. Unstable molecules stemming from some natural metabolic reactions in the brain can end up destabilizing brain cells. With these unstable molecules regularly launching disruptive havoc on brain cells, your brain starts a technical decline, weakening faster over time. However, studies have revealed that food with a good composition of antioxidants will contribute greatly in reducing the free radicals that contribute to destabilization of the particular molecules in the brain that are related to Alzheimer’s. These categories of foods entail Vitamin C and Vitamin E. From this we see that when you make a healthy habit of eating strawberries, broccoli, almonds, this would greatly reduce the possibility of suffering the onset Alzheimer later on in your life.

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In an enigmatic study done in Chicago at the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, an inspiring discovery was made that people who were habitually eating Vitamin E food were 67% less likely to succumb to Alzheimer.

Foods with a rich composition of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are largely present in diets containing fish and flaxseed oils. While such meals were famous for keeping your heart in good condition, another beneficial side of diets with Omega-3 Fatty Acids that you may not know of, is that it is effective in preventing Alzheimer’s from building a home in your body. Sumptuous meals containing herring, salmon or white tuna helps to slow the mental decomposition of your brain by 10%.

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The powerful functionality is simply obvious. Omega 3 Fatty Acids have a high amount of DHA which contributes a big helping hand in renovating and developing your mental capacity. Such DHA resides in foods like olive oil or even walnuts. They accumulate protein in your brain which helps to heal the inflammation that kills or damages brain cells.

Foods with a high composition of Flavonoids

In a bid to circumvent the threat to their existence from herbivores, as well as the harmful effects of radiation from the sun, plants upped their guard with protective chemicals tagged polyphenols. Among these polyphenols, there are flavonoids. Therefore, there are foods we can eat which have a high make-up of flavonoids. Fruits like cranberries and apples belong to this category. Flavonoids are also situated in vegetables like garlic, lima beans, cabbage, and spinach.

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Findings from researchers have substantiated the fact that people who consume flavonoids-containing foods like juices and designated vegetables (possibly three times a week) have a very reduced susceptibility to Alzheimer’s.

With foods such as the above, you can fight Alzheimer’s Disease proactively, from your dining room table, proactively!

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