While many may know Chance The Rapper for his enigmatic smiles and energetic rap delivery, another side we may not know of is that he is philanthropically industrious – a typical giver. Chance The Rapper is a man with an open purse, and would readily take some dollar wads out for a generous cause of healing a sore in his society. The latest he would be healing is the educational system in his community.

Chance The Rapper who has already emblazoned his name on the contemporary rap industry with a Grammy in his trophy locker, has announced that Social Works (a non-profit organization owned by Chance) has amiably hit a milestone of $2.2 million charity donations which was essentially raised to be disbursed to 20 CPS Schools. This is aimed at subsidizing the operational costs of the beneficiary schools for their programs on art education.

Chance the Rapper
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Good public education as we know remains the most productive legacy we can give posterity. In the drowning tide of sophisticated private schools, public schools must yet retain their functionality as a reliable factory for the production of top quality talents aimed at the satisfaction of the professional needs of a modern society. This was rightly enthused by Chance The Rapper. According to him “Funding for public schools is the single most important investment a community can make. These schools will receive $100,000 over the next three years with budgeting and staffing and guidance provided by CPS and Ingenuity,” announced Chance.

A number of 20 CPS principals corroborated the rapper at the announcement of this illustrious $2.2 m kindness, which was held at the Harold Washington Cultural Center. These CPS schools had been quite financially handicapped and had been forced to cut their art programs to their cloth in face of a strangulated budget. But a larger criterion used in awarding the benefiting schools was the industry and innovation of the principals and how they invented methodologies with maximum benefits through which the grant would be judiciously employed. These said methodologies glowed with the radiant promise of new life for their students.
One significant inspiration for this donation is the father in Chance The Rapper, as well as his CPS ancestry. The rapper buttressed these factors that incited the benevolence. “As a parent and proud product of CPS”, Chance said, “I’m committed to helping Chicago’s children have quality learning experiences that include the arts. Over the past month, I’ve crisscrossed the city, from Chatham to Chinatown, Humboldt Park to Hyde Park, visiting students and one thing is clear: if we invest in Chicago’s children, we’ll change the world.”

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From the arrangements that have been installed, these 20 CPS principals would be receiving $300,000 spread across 3 years with an annual release of $100,000 to the designated schools. This is an openhanded continuum of the $1 million that Chance The rapper promised the schools some months back in March. That funding at the beginning of the year came as a result of Chance The Rapper’s decision to take the bull by the horn and autonomously remedy the educational system after a seeming unproductive brainstorming session with the Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Just to illustrate the scope of this philanthropy, the following 20 CPS schools that clinched participation in this grant program include:

  • Beethoven Elementary
  • Mahalia Jackson Elementary
  • Ambrose Plamondon Elementary
  • Edmond Burke Elementary
  • Corliss High SchoolMireles Elementary Academy
  • C.E. Hughes Elementary
  • Aldridge Elementary
  • Fiske Elementary
  • Edward White Career Academy
  • Esmond Elementary
  • Greenleaf Whittier Elementary
  • Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School
  • Ninos Heroes Elementary
  • Orr Academy High School
  • Ogles by Elementary
  • Robert A. Black Magnet Elementary
  • Dett Elementary
  • Spry Community Links High School
  • W.K. New Sullivan Elementary

It is always inspiring and heartwarming when celebrities enthusiastically saddle public responsibilities, understanding that government will never have enough financial recipes to cook solutions for all problems in our society. Well done, Chance!

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