The world was stunned with horror following the devastating mass shooting in the Las Vegas on October 1st. It remains psychologically unfounded the justification to take on public shooting as a sport. The emotional wounds are deep and the infamous shooting slid into history as the deadliest mass shooting across all time in modern America.

While the horror and pains were unprecedented, so also was the American resilience that followed. Americans have been rising up and fast from the national sobriety that accompanied the event. We saw what makes America stands out primarily aside its military strength: impregnable civilian courage in the face of danger. The event also embellished the heroism enshrouded in our Americanism – great people risking their lives to protect each other from harm!

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And as the dust finally settles on the deadly shootings, famous names are coming out to offer their celebrity shoulders for the affected to lean on. Famous Grammy Award winner Celine Dion is one of those examples. In addition to the inspiring message of consolation, she also put her money where her mouth is by donating the proceeds of her show as relief to the victims of the shooting.

Jason Aldean who was performing at the show when the rain of bullets occurred. He canceled his forthcoming shows in solidarity with the victims and their loved ones. Celine Dion revealed she wanted to follow suit. But after much thought, she decided against the cancellation of her show, rather choosing to carry on with the billed showed in an amicable display of love and comradeship with the victims. In Celine Dion’s words “On Sunday we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls, and so many are still suffering, but tonight we’re going to let these families know that we are supporting them and that we will help them through their tragic loss.”

Celine Dion stood before a symbolic display on a curtain carrying the hashtag #VegasStrong, and made known her benevolent decision to donate the proceeds of the show in collaboration with AEG Presents and Caesars Entertainment.

“We dedicate tonight’s show to all of the victims and their families, and to the first responders, and to the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save lives, and to so many heroes who did whatever they could to help complete strangers in a time of desperate need,” she said.

This act of kindness is of course applaudable and illustrates a strong show of American togetherness in times of distress. Her charitable acts add her to the generous list of artists that have publicly shown support for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban among others have officially offered messages of condolence and solidarity.

Such is the resounding reminder that it takes more than just guns and the unhinged to bully America.

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