Vegetables are very healthy for the body and the benefits cannot be exhausted. In fact, so exemplary are the nutrients of many vegetables to our health that it is quite difficult to find another class of food that replicates it. With this simple reality, vegetables should not be missing from your daily meals. Surprisingly, many people are at loss as to how they can eat more of vegetables as they struggle to fathom how they can healthily incorporate more of them into their meals. Therefore we will be looking at how we can increase vegetable intake in our diet.

Talking about which part of the day you should be eating more vegetables, well, it is in the morning. For those trying to keep their weight under check, they can readily resort to veggie-saturated breakfasts. The fiber composition of these veggies is sure to keep you feeling filled sustainably, eventually cutting down on your appetite. One simple recipe is scrambled eggs with veggies. Eggs are full of protein so you’ll remain feeling full until lunch. All you need to do is throw some veggies of your choosing into the eggs and voila! You have a tasty, healthy breakfast!

One splendid way you can roll in a juicy amount of vegetables is in your soups. Many of us worry that if we crowd our soups with vegetables it would end up killing the delicacy of the other flavors. The answer actually is that it doesn’t. On the other hand, when you roll in more vegetables into our soups, we are not only ramping up the nutritional composition, we also spike flavor making it more tantalizing to our taste buds. One simple super way to integrate vegetables into your soups is to flash boil a bunch of veggies, and then puree them. Simply put the puree back in a pot, add whatever additional ingredients and spices you’d like and then presto! You have a fantastically simple, and healthy veggie soup!

You can still transport more vegetables into your body via pizzas. Yes, pizzas are a nice avenue to get a good quantity of vegetables healthily into our meals. Whether you are making your own dough, buying it from a store or have a frozen pizza that you’d like to use, an additional mouthful of vegetables is a perfect way to get some tasty veggies onto that pizza for not only a refreshing taste, but also to get some fantastic nutrients with your meal.

Jon Sullivan shared under Wikimedia Commons

Another super tasty way to enjoy vegetables is with simple casseroles. One of the best casseroles to accompany vegetables is the Mexican casserole. Peppers, zucchini, squash, eggplant, spinach and the like are fantastic additions to casseroles, and bring your meal’s nutrient levels up significantly.

You are not forgetting your sandwiches here, right? Your sandwich is an empty estate ready to accommodate as many vegetables as you can fit within the bread. Instead of using iceberg lettuce on your creation, try spinach, arugula or chard and the taste will be incredible and the nutrients significant. In addition, your sandwich might also welcome to a good amount of sprouts.

So, we have now seen how we can welcome more vegetables in our meals. Vegetables for their outrageous health benefits shouldn’t escape your meals for even a single day. Eating more vegetables is eating your way to health, right? So bon appetite!~

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