When we are diagnosed with diabetes, or even pre-diabetes, we get very sensitive to our blood sugar levels. In such conditions, we a highly consciously aware of what we eat and how that could have an adverse effect on our sugar levels. The good news is that a strategically planned diet can help you immeasurably in clamping down on a swelling blood sugar level. If you already have diabetes, you are probably already well versed in what is best for you to eat. If you are at risk of getting diabetes, then this article, which will help you mitigate the risk through some ideas for keeping blood sugar low is for you!

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A healthy combination of your macronutrients

When you want to consistently restrain your blood sugar level, a combination of protein with your carbohydrate intake is the way to go. One thing is that proteins, or possibly the fats you consume with protein, clogs the pace at which your body digests your food. This way your blood sugar is safely kept low sustainably. People tend to suffer an incongruous spike in their blood sugar levels after a hefty consumption of a meal chiefly composed of carbohydrates with no other food to buffer the effect.

This is even more typical with those who already have type 1 diabetes. So when you want to jump at your next carb-intensive meal, try mellow things down, moderating the meal with some protein like chicken or possibly fats like some avocado.

Incorporating barley into meals

While quinoa more readily comes to mind as one form of carbohydrate, another carb that is very much effective is barley. Barley is very effective in taming your appetite due to its hefty fiber composition. Barley has a way of dousing the impulsiveness of grabbing an unhealthy snack during the day. Just a cup of barley is congested with a whole 6 grams of fiber.

Moreover, barley has a metabolic relationship with the bacteria in your gut such that it helps you seamlessly process the sugar in your body. Such fiber composition ensures that your blood sugar levels are closely grounded. What’s more is that barley makes a delicious adventure when worked into a roasted veggie salad or possibly mashed with your soup!

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Healthy amounts of vegetables

Veggies are always good for the body – there is little doubt about that. But there exists a variation in the carb composition across several vegetables.

So when you are having to watch your blood sugar levels, many veggie types not only provide you the low sugar sustenance you need, but also taste delicious! Fresh vegetables with less starch like spinach, chard or kale are great in the leafy green category. Broccoli, squash, avocado and sweet baked potato are also great options. That said, make sure that the veggies are fresh, as canned vegetables with lots of added sodium, or veggies cooked with lots of sauce, cheese or butter can aggravate diabetes.

So there you go. Having diabetes or being a pre-diabetic should not mean the reduction of ultra healthy foods.  Always remember you are always as healthy as what you eat!

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