Love is such an amazing feeling. When a man and a woman come together woven together in affection, it is one of the truest joys for the couple. However, in our modern world today the institution of marriage has weakened, with rates of divorce having increased steadily around the world. These cases of divorce litter courtrooms and the once mesmerizing emotional ropes that tied couples together in a matrimony are losing too quickly. One marriage that has lasted 70 years, however, is that of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

On November 20, the couple celebrated their 70 years marriage anniversary. 70! That is a humongous number of years to be married. No doubt many would see it as a fairy tale. But it is an inspiring reality all the same. It is 70 years since Queen Elizabeth, then beaming in her youth, married her flashy Prince Philip, who was at the time a promising naval officer Lieutenant. That was long ago in London’s Westminster Abbey.

Now 91, Queen Elizabeth has waded through the thick and thin of a relationship, still affectionally sentenced to her boo Prince Philip who is now 96. People, love happens! The royal couple plan to celebrate their 70 years love anniversary at Windsor Castle in the form of a reserved family party. There will no public event as confirmed by a Buckingham Palace’s spokesperson.

Prince Philip has been a steady company for Queen Elizabeth all through her reign in Britain, which has spawned across 65 years. This enthrones her as the longest-serving British monarch of all time!

“One of the secrets of this very, very long marriage, and it’s an incredibly impressive anniversary, is the fact Prince Philip has always seen it as his main duty to support the queen, to help her in whatever way he can,” royal historian Hugo Vickers revealed to Reuters. “He is the only person who can actually tell the queen absolutely straight what he thinks, and if he thinks some idea is ridiculous he will say so in whatever language he chooses to use.”

Queen Elizabeth met Philip the first time back in 1934. Then she was only 13 and Prince Philip was just a cadet. And over the years, their love blossomed ferociously into old age. What could possibly have kept this marriage going for so long? That is a question for young couples of today, the answer also is an inspiration for such couples as well.

“She was truly in love from the very beginning,” Margaret Rhodes, the queen’s cousin crested in her memoir.

If the notion of marriage is one that scares you, or if the the rates of divorce intimidate, look to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for motivation. They didn’t necessarily make it through all this time because a divorce was royally unceremonious. The answer simply is true love and understanding. Once again: love happens!

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