A night in Portland is one overflowing with fun and activity. The food, the theatre and the music come together to create a resplendent time. Are you new to Portland? There is an fantastic array of exhilaration awaiting you when the sun deserts the skies and night sets in. Here are just a scant few of the joys you can experience with Portland nightlife.

Portland is notorious for the food at night and the cinema

All over Portland, it seems the food is more delicious at night with the cinema thriving with life during that part of the day. Start, or even end the evening with some delicious food from some of the many award-winning food carts in downtown Portland. In fact, the popularity of these carts can be imagined from the fact that they have been acknowledged by CNN as the World’s Best Street Food.

After starting the evening with your dinner, its time for a movie from a classic venue. The famous art-house Living Room Theaters always makes the night tastier with movies shown at night; a thrilling combination of indie films and the urban American movies on their six screens. Going southeast in Portland, there is yet the Academy Theater for you to relish of your eyes with classic movies that enjoyably throw you back into time. And if you missed dinner at one of the food cards, you can give your stomach a proportionate dose of the excitement by heading to Art Deco Laurelhurst Theater where they feature beer and tasty dishes.

Every night in Portland is well adorned with beautiful live music

How about your ears? There is good treatment for them every night in Portland as there is good live music for your entertainment. There are endless genres of good music in Portland to check out! Indie rock bands set the crowds of Crystal Ballroom aflame with excitement. And if you want step back into urban Western vibes, you have plenty of rap tunes for your mesmerisation at Lola’s Room.

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Rock is a sound delicacy at Portland, equal with punk. The sounds and the shows at Mississippi Studios where you will get plenty of indie-folk and even post-punk ancestral to England, with burgers and drinks to increase the swell. If you want a good medication of jazz in Portland, then you should head to Solae’s Lounge. And of course, there is always the Hawthorne Theatre; with entertainment for all of people of any age category.

Looking for Karaoke? Come find it at night in Portland

Portland stands out spectacularly for Karaoke. The thrill is like no other and the people of Portland love it to an addiction. One of those places where you can enjoy a good treat of karaoke is at Voicebox. With two venues in the metropolitan area, one you can indulge your creative singing fancy in style! Also at Dante’s, there are legendary Portland bands like the Karaoke From Hell making it very much worth the while.

If you are craving some fun during the evening in one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier cities, Portland has plenty to offer. You’ll have loads of great company, as well as a dose of culture and excitement. So, step out into the night in Portland and the light of the endless possibilities! 

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