Failures – they are an inevitable part of our life. After all, if there are successes in life, there are bound to be failures in life as well. Unfortunately, it is a very common tendency for people to feel more suffering than necessary when a failure occurs. When this happens we end up thinking too much about the failure and putting ourselves in a negative mind set. However, the good thing is that with a little conscious effort to bring change in life, anyone can transmute failure into future successes.

What are those things that you can do? Here are four critical tips that will help you throughout your life in achieving more of your desires.

1. Explore the reasons a failure happened in the first place

It’s okay to lament when you fail – there is nothing of which to be ashamed. Did your failure have something to do with your inner fear? Or, were you simply not prepared enough?

There is actually great wisdom in asking yourself, deeply, what caused you to fail in the first place. Try to do this without the judging yourself. Just start asking the question and see where the road takes you. It may very well open up the unconsciously manifested ways that the failure was realized in the first place. This may be scary, but do you really want to know the reason why you failed at an ambition in life, and how to actually get what you desire?

Get to know the reason

2. Acknowledging, accepting, acting

Like mentioned earlier, failures are inevitable in life. There is no point in over-contemplating them, or not accepting that you have failed. In fact, the real courage lies in acknowledging and accepting the fact that you have failed that you need to come up with a better attempt the next time. After you acknowledge and accept the failure, the next step (and perhaps the most difficult), is to understand failure for what it is – a fantastic doorway to a learning opportunity!

accepting the fact

The next step is acting to achieve what you want with greater precision. Whether it was failing an exam or not being able to qualify for a sports trial or failing at a job interview – don’t ignore your failures or why you wanted what you wanted in the first place.

And how do you act? A fun and illuminating exercise that will help you identify what you really want is to do a contrasting exercise. To do this, simply write down what you don’t want out of life. That’s right. Make time to sit down, and deeply think about all the things you don’t want out of life. Make sure to provide details for why you don’t want these things. Then, with this list, you may go through each point and look at what it’s opposite would mean to you. In short, you’re basically writing down what you don’t want to illuminate what you do want. With this in mind, you will be able to set the compass for achieving what you really want, and set your action plan accordingly to achieve the next desire.

3. Stay patient, keep focus and pay attention to how you feel 

The journey to turn failures in life into successes is often times very challenging. But that makes achieving your desire that much more thrilling, right? Always keep this in the back of mind when you are looking for motivation for transmuting failure to success.

After your contrasting exercise, and now that you’ve set the compass for what you want, patience, focus and paying attention to how you feel is critical to your overall success in achieving your desires. Patience comes from paying attention to how you feel. If you feel anxious or a sense of panic that things aren’t happening fast enough, this will change your mindset to one of lack. A sense of lack is not what attracts what you want. It simply delivers more anxiety, panic and, ultimately, more lack. Is this mindset advantageous for achieving what you want? Of course not. That’s why it’s critical to pay attention to how you feel, all throughout your body, while you are focussed on achieving your true wants in life.

With this in mind, try doing daily internal diagnostics to how you feel. Check in with yourself. Focus on the feeling of abundance. Focus on feeling alive and complete as you are. Focus on what it will actually feel like during the process of achieving your goals as though this will indeed happen. Focus on visualizing the feeling as though you already have what you want in the first place. Any feelings that run counter to these should be identified and transmuted into the feeling of actual success.

4. Celebrate, learn, reinforce

When you attain what you want, whatever it may be, make time to deeply celebrate your success. Life is short and our victories need to be celebrated properly. Do so!

achieving desire

After your celebrating, it’s very important to analyze what you did that worked so successfully. There may even have been mini failures within the ultimate success from which you can learn. Write them down. What were they? Take these mini failures and run them through the contrasting exercise again to see what comes out on the other side.

The next step is to add what you’ve learned into you internal dialogue as you contemplate your next desire. This is to simply reinforce your amazing ability to achieve what you really want so you can become more and more effective at achieving the next desire! As you reinforce, make sure to really focus on the feelings of what achieving your desires feels like, and then begin to leverage these feelings into attaining the next desire.

In order to move ahead from failures and achieve success, remember the mantra – you are the ultimate creator of your own reality. If you follow the above tips, you will be far more effective at creating the reality you want. So, when you suffer a failure, remember not to look at it as an ultimate defeat, but the ultimate doorway into identifying what you really want, and then using the above to make it happen. Just remember to enjoy the journey as it is. If you can do this, true happiness and contentment with life will be the result.

Bon voyage!

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