Hurricane Harvey left extensive damages in its wake. The hurricane depicting the unmotherly side of nature ravaged Texas with little compassion. Texas was flooded with water and grief simultaneously. The hurricane sadly recorded over 45 causalities crowning it as the most destructive and vehement hurricane to have hit Texas in more than 50 years.

Texas may need a whole lot of money to recuperate both on an economic and infrastructural basis. The governor of Texas gave the world a disturbing peek at the gravity of destruction in Texas when he said his state could need more than $170 billion to find its feet stealthily again. The statistics show it is not a pizza party either. Countless homes were destroyed and more than 1 million Texans were forcefully displaced. There is, therefore, no hyperbolic spice in rightly calling the situation a national emergency. The hurricane has left an unsavory taste in the mouth of Houston families and it would take great emotional resilience to spring back after this rude slap from Hurricane Harvey.

hurricane harvey

U.S. Department of Defense

Yet all the help is not coming from the government. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army have been working hard tending to the needs of the people of Texas. And most honorably, national celebrities have stepped into the ship to help sail Texas back to prosperity and stability again. This has been through a philanthropic dimension as these stars have shown hearts as big as their names to donate to the victims of the hurricane.

It has been a competition of kindness from American celebrities. Sandra Bullock was leading the pack of philanthropic pacesetters by making a hefty donation of $1 million to the Red Cross. In a statement spurring the general American populace to assume the sense of shared responsibility, she said, “We all have to do our part.”

U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Zachary West shared under creative commons

Leonardo DiCaprio taking a big leaf from her kindness reciprocated her gesture with another $1 million donation to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. Such great kindness from Di Caprio leaves us wondering which is more handsome of the two: Di Caprio’s heart or his face?

Famous singer Edie Brickell and husband Paul Simon are also putting their money where their heart is with another pledge of $1 million in enhancing provision of relief materials to the people of Harvey to help mop a teardrop or two from their eyes.

Bethenny Frankel, famous cast member of the Real Housewives of New York has been amorously partnering fund raising campaigns for the Corpus Christi and Houston locations. So far she has raised $50,000 for Dress For Success charity.

The amiable Oprah Winfrey didn’t let this chance go either to reinstate her kindness as she made donations to the Salvation Army as well as the Red Cross.

One star that has been a rallying point for other stars to come on board the charity bandwagon is Kevin Hart. While taking the first step, Kevin implored other celebrities to take up the challenge and help Texas. In comradely correspondence, a number of artists took up the gauntlet making their donations equally.

The likes of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, P.Diddy have all come out to consolidate the American compatriotism in making donations.

So far Americans have shown that they would never leave one of their own. The patriotic feeling of one national belonging reflects our togetherness in one beautiful American marriage: for better for worse!

Of course, the real stars that have come out of this tragedy, or the ones who are contributing to the Harvey relief efforts, are the every day Americans who not only donate whatever they can, but get their hands dirty in all the clean-up efforts on the ground!

Hurricane Harvey is by no means the last global tragedy that will visit the planet. With global warming ensuring increasing destruction, we need to get used to pitching in to help our fellow Americans, as well as our fellow man. The above named celebrities provide great PR and focus in getting the ball rolling with relief efforts, but it’s up to the rest of us to bring it home.

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