Giving birth is a special experience. To have that adorable baby that sparkles love, aching for a motherly connection, is one of life’s true thrills for woman. While pregnancy is a lovely thing, many women struggle with infertility.

The majority of women who have infertility problems often resort to advanced medical measures, to improve their chances of getting pregnant. But food and nutrition can often have a positive effect in helping women get pregnant! Let us look at some of those meals you could be eating that will boost your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant.

We will be starting with wild salmon

Few would easily connect wild salmon to a boost in fertility. But wild salmon has a good composition of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids play a great role in the regulation of reproductive hormones, improving the transportation of blood to your reproductive organs. Mercury is not good news for women who would mother soon, and wild salmon lovably has a very reduced composition of mercury in comparison with its family of fatty fish. It is important to state that the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends against women from ingesting the likes of king mackerel and shark if you are anticipating pregnancy.

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You should also take ice cream more regularly

Did you know that high fat ice cream is helpful in helping improve fertility in women? Two servings a day of ice cream can greatly limit your vulnerability to infertility. Pay attention to the fat level of the ice cream you eat though, as low-fat milk ice creams actually have the reverse effect on fertility! So stick with the full fat varieties. One caveat in the study: moderation is key, and if you’re obese and looking to improve your fertility, you should focus on healthier food options for increasing your fertility, like wild salmon (above) and leafy greens (below).

You should be taking more of Leafy Greens

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Broccoli,  spinach, arugula are known for increasing your ovulation. This is because they are composed of folate. This folate also extends past just women. Folate meals are also good for men to increase the chances of their spouses getting pregnant. Folate meals like those mentioned will increase the healthiness and effectiveness of your sperm as a man. Folate plays great importance in reducing the risk of genetic mishap in the baby while also cutting down on the chances of a miscarriage. As a man who doesn’t smoke and takes a good deal of vitamins, there is the increased possibility of having healthier sperm.

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You should also be taking a nice deal of olive oil

First, olive oil is a fat. More precisely, it is a monounsaturated fat. This class of fats is very helpful in cutting down on the chances of developing inflammation in your body. For those wanting to get pregnant, inflammations are dangerous and can negatively affect ovulation. Olive oil also improve your insulin sensitivity. So, how do you take your olive oil? Try drizzling it on your salads or over other foods where you may never have thought of appetizing. Maybe try it over pizza!

In the end, keep in mind that you need to consult your medical professional to truly improve your chances of getting pregnant. That said, the above foods play extensive and complex functions in improving your ovulation and generally increasing your chances of getting pregnant. And they’re healthy for your body, whether you want to get pregnant, or just enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

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